Muse or Devil

Here I sit on a Wednesday morning with my third cuppa joe and two scenes completed in my first chapter. My muse is running around in my brain with all kinds of ideas, many of which will work and some of those can even tie together. But she’s going too fast; I’m not able to keep up with my creative forces and sort out the ideas, or write them down in an orderly arrangement of good thoughts and discard the ones that are pure fluff.

It’s really difficult to have days like this; probably worse than having blocked days. But on days when the imagination is in overdrive, confusion ensues. The synapses are raging with the notions of the muse; or is it a devil that poses a threat to productivity. With any luck, I’ll get a headache and the mind will just shut down for a couple of hours and let me catch up.

Even as I write this in an attempt at distraction, the ‘musings’ keep coming fast and furious. Some of these thoughts are as vivid as photos or movies. If I could get them written down they’d offer the chance to write some great word pictures. I make notes as quickly as I can, but I feel I’m running out of steam. It’s too early for a nap, but that might help slow my muse and preclude a headache.

Perhaps I should try dictation. Nah! It doubles the work. I’d only have to transcribe it all later.

This could be a long day. I have not felt this stimulated in a long time, but it’s over-kill and counter productive.

I’m ready for another cup of coffee. Hmmm…no. Wait. Maybe that’s not such a good idea.


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