An Apology and a Status Report: Now in the “Black Moment” at 66K Words

I really want to apologize for the lack of attention to the blog. It is not as easy as I had anticipated to keep up this little experiment and do the work at the same time. Not to mention doing the “business” of writing as well: licensing cover art, legal stuff, hunting for an editor, trying to find money to see me through this. It’s a pretty long row to hoe. I’m sorry I have not been more attentive to this plan, but the social experiment may move into a new direction shortly.

As noted above, I am shopping for an editor, and that takes some pretty significant coin, particularly if an author wants the talents of a good, well-respected and knowledgeable editor.

As for progress, I’m now in the thick of the “Black Moment” – the point of no return with the slings and arrows flying. I’ve got my heroes up a tree and rocks are being thrown at them. It’s now my job to get them out of the tree. Will they survive? Will they be the same people they were at the start or will they be changed? Will they win or will they lose? At 66 thousand words, their fate has not yet been written.




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