Traditional Publishing – It May Happen

I have only a few more chapters to write and Pride’s Children will be done, ready for the editor’s chops; I mean ‘chops’ in the professional sense – talent or abilities – of course.

Some good news: I have been investigating the possibility of Print on Demand (POD) as a way to include a physical book in the mix, not just eBook versions. I think this would be a great option since not everyone is into eReading yet and even those who are sometimes like to enjoy the smell, look and feel of paper. I have been researching the POD business and it seems that most of those authors who use it are quite happy with the service and quality.

There is a little extra work for me: internal layout of the book and the cover are different from ePublishing, and must be up to the specifications and standards of the POD service. There are also decisions about the physical size of the book and colour of the internal paper. On the cover, matte or glossy finish?

Once the book is finished, I may get it up to the service and order a proof copy to see what it will be like. Something to look forward to writing about.



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