Pride’s Children – Completed; Editing/Revisions to begin and you can help.

Wow! It feels good. The first draft of Pride’s Children is complete and ready for an editor. Then the revision processes starts – the last step before publication.

The title says, you can help – and you can. Editing sessions can be very pricey, especially if working with a skilled and talented editor. It’s an important part of the process to ensure the best reading experience for you, the reader.

It feels good to have come this far, but moving forward requires a little help. As a new author, it can be difficult to write and live at the same time. We give up a lot to write and sometimes things get pretty tight financially. That’s why I find it necessary to turn to future readers for a little help in the process. In order to fund the editing/revision stage, I’ve decided to go the route of “CrowdFunding.”  It’s a way to get some help and offer you something in return. A copy of the ebook, a frameable certificate, your name in the acknowledgements of the book – even the paperback if/when it happens.

I won’t get into the details here, instead, I’ll give you the link to the Pride’s Children campaign at Indiegogo. Please visit and even if you can’t help out (not everyone can), be sure to share the campaign with your friends.

In keeping with WordPress policy, I will only post about this once. The campaign ends on October 21.




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