Promos and new books and blogs. Oh, my!

A lot of clichés apply to the state of my blog. I certainly bit off more than I could chew when I undertook to do this, and now things are a shambles. I suppose I could make some very valid excuses—the demands of being a self-published author, the business of promoting Pride’s Children, the research for Time Trapped— any of which have likely contributed to my lack of contribution here. There are myriad reasons, most of which could have been overcome by one little thing.

Better planning and time-management are definitely part of the solution, but I also have to give myself permission to stop doing the business of writing for as long as it takes to complete a few other tasks, my blog being one of them. I’m not talking about using break time to do these things. Breaks mean to take a respite from the work being done and, really, blogging should be part of my work. So I suppose it should be scheduled in with the promotions and sales and publicity and any number of other things that are not writing but make it a viable occupation—at least eventually.

What’s really ironic is that my blog should be part of the promotion and publicity for my writing and deserves to be afforded appropriate time within the allotment set aside for those master labels. More than that, I want my blog to be a connection to two important groups of people. First, readers and potential readers. I want it to be an interactive two-way conduit linking myself with those who find my writing worth reading. I’d also like it to help me network with other writers to, hopefully, share mutually beneficial concepts, advice and knowledge.

Therefore, since it serves an important role in my work, it deserves a proper slice of time to fully become what it should be. So I have decided to set aside the time to ‘work my blog’; for now it will be once a week, every Monday and that time will live on my Google calendar. There it will remind me on my desktop, laptop, tablet and phone. There will no longer be any excuse for not tending to the task.

Here’s to a renewed effort and much success.


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