Humans the World Over Respond to Humans of New York

Hearts were melting all over the internet this past weekend as a teenaged boy, a #HumansOfNewYork subject, worried about his place in the world.

The world soon erupted with kind words of support, encouragement and love for this total stranger in need of a little hope. He voiced concern for his future and made no requests—at least not directly, but his need for care and understanding were clear enough to stir thousands to reach out to him. One of the most important people to do so, Hilary Clinton. Her message was moving and inspiring. She offered him much-needed hope for a wonderful future.

So many countless people have responded, myself included. I hope this young man sees the positive responses he has prompted from so many people all over the world. My sincerest wish is that he finds his way, brightly lighted, flanked by friends and protected by love.

In case there are any problems with the Facebook link, here is the comment I posted:

Hey, little buddy. It seems you needed a shoulder and a friendly
ear. From what I see here you got tens of thousands of them. I’m happy for that
because it tells you there are people in the world who care for you. There have
been a lot of people over many years who have been concerned, not only for
themselves, but for others like them, growing up and learning about all the
things we learn about as we grow up. And these people struggled and worked hard
so that young people after them would find it easier to live in a difficult

As so many others have been telling you, your future is brighter. And it’s
brighter partly because it is what you make of it. Be strong and you will win the
world’s heart; be caring and you will win friends; be loving and you will win

I don’t think we have to remind you to be brave. You’re already doing that. And
as a result you are winning the confidence of many and you are setting an example
for others like you.

I wish the best for you; you’ve shown you already deserve it.

The Humans of New York Facebook page can be found here.


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