Pride’s Children

PC Cover 3 - 5x8“Kids are great. They’re a gift and we have to take care of them.”

Taylor Jensen lived in the closet most of his adult life. He married and had two children as he established himself as a family and civil rights lawyer. When his wife dies of cancer, Taylor decides the deception should end. Taylor takes on several cases dealing with gay rights and same-sex parenting – hoping to see the law revised to allow same-sex couples to adopt, particularly the natural children of their partners. It’s a bold step out of the closet. When he meets Ethan Walker, a civil rights columnist for a major newspaper, Taylor knows his life will change. As the two fall in love and begin to establish a “family” together, a sinister opponent, wealthy and powerful, will stop at nothing to ensure their ideal fails. Set in Toronto and Southern Ontario during the real-life challenges to legislation prohibiting same-sex adoption, Pride’s Children weaves a tale of intrigue, romance and family love that represents all aspects of the overall struggle for equality rights that continues, in many places, even today.

PAPERBACK: Now available through independent booksellers and major retailers.


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