Promos and new books and blogs. Oh, my!

A lot of clichés apply to the state of my blog. I certainly bit off more than I could chew when I undertook to do this, and now things are a shambles. I suppose I could make some very valid excuses—the demands of being a self-published author, the business of promoting Pride’s Children, the research for Time Trapped— any of which have likely contributed to my lack of contribution here. There are myriad reasons, most of which could have been overcome by one little thing.

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An Apology and a Status Report: Now in the “Black Moment” at 66K Words

I really want to apologize for the lack of attention to the blog. It is not as easy as I had anticipated to keep up this little experiment and do the work at the same time. Not to mention doing the “business” of writing as well: licensing cover art, legal stuff, hunting for an editor, trying to find money to see me through this. It’s a pretty long row to hoe. I’m sorry I have not been more attentive to this plan, but the social experiment may move into a new direction shortly.

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The Experiment Begins

Today, I launch the social experiment I mentioned in my first post. As I write my novel, I will post periodically about progress, problems, victories and headaches. It will be as though you are literally behind the scenes, not just watching a video about it. Furthermore, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with the process by leaving your comments and participating in polls. It will be good fun but, more than that, I think it will be a good tool for me to clamp down and get the work done. It’s so easy for a writer to procrastinate, playing a couple dozen games of Spider Solitaire before stoking one key. So I will set some rules for myself: Continue reading