Time Trapped


FrontCoverGetUpMan_Thumb“A separation of miles could not be worse than a love trapped across the vast expanse of time.”

In his own time, Samuel Prentice is punished for loving a young man with whom he grew up. Yet, 260 years later, Josh Carter is able to openly and freely love the young man who was his childhood friend.

In the mid-1700s, Samuel Prentice is discovered, punished and suffers great loss because his nature is to love another man. As a teen growing up in old London, he must hide his feelings and enjoy his sexuality by stealth—in hiding—and in shame. When, as a young man, his life is rocked with murder and family shame, Samuel leaves England for America, settling in Boston where he establishes himself as a master joiner, building fine furnishings for the best families in New England.

In the early 21st century, Josh Carter is a successful filmmaker who, as did his father before him, is taking Hollywood by storm. The loss of his father gave him the tools, wealth and power; the loss of his love took him in new directions. Coming to terms with losing the man he has loved since he was thirteen, takes Josh to Boston to head up a new project. Little did he know that a chance for renewal was waiting for him there.

When a common trinket falls into the hands of both of these lonely men, a whole new world of love, passion and danger presents itself to them, bringing them together across a barrier so vast, they must weigh the dangers of crossing it, even for the sake of love.



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